Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Butterflies - FBW #81

This is a card I made for Danni's Flutter By Wednesday challenge. I used the same paper as my mom. I've been home sick all week, but slowly starting to feel better. Yesterday was my 9th birthday and we had a little get together after dinner last night. I got alot of nice stuff (thank you everyone!) and even my brother bought me stuff! He bought me pj's, boots like mommy's and the new Tinker Bell movie which is really cute! Today I'm going to get into all the goodies my Aunt Lee Ann, Uncle Jere and cousins got me...lots of books full of things to do! Maybe I'll go back to school tomorrow, I'm liking being home with mom.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Sold Some Cards!

I'm so excited! Last night I went to my Aunt Lee Ann's and before I went with my mom, we sat and mom finished up some cards she was working on and I made 4 cards of my own and took them all to Aunt Lee Ann's. I sold them all for $2 each! Mine all sold before mom's, hehehe. So I bought a pair of earrings from Aunt Lee Ann with me OWN money and then I even had money to enter into a raffle and I won that to!

Thank you to everyone who bought my cards!