Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Dough Ornaments

Hi everyone! Last night I started my dough ornaments and this morning I finished them up. You can find the recipe here. We did find that it was hard to work with after a bit and had to add a little water at a time. When they were dry, mom sprayed them with adhesive and added some prisma glitter!
I also wanted to share a fun site as well!! It's called The North Pole. You can write letters to Santa, play games, print stuff, it's alot of fun!
Once my cinnamon ornaments are done, I'll post those too! Today is cleaning day and then we're baking daddy's favourite Christmas goodies!!! YUM!


Nancy said...

Oh so very cute Ashleigh. Make sure that dog doesnt eat them..

Lee ann said...

I LOVE mine!!! thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Good job Ash, love my ornament too! I hung mine on the lamp so I can see it everyday!
Love you too! Nanny