Monday, July 20, 2009


My favourite thing to do is play with my pets. I love them all. Mommy and daddy really love animals too, so Andrew and I have had all kinds of different pets! We have lizards, fish, bunny, 2 cats, 2 dogs, parrot, budgie, salamanders...alot! It's hard to keep up and sometimes, ok, more than that, mommy finds it hard to keep up and has to remind us that we have to help feed everyone!! The picture of me and my cats is from 2 yrs ago. So, I was about 7, right before I decided I wanted my hair cut short when we went to Florida! I love to put my kitties in dress up clothes and then I walk them around in my stroller and dolly stuff. I think they like it, mommy and daddy think they just do it to keep me happy..hahaha!

The other side is Sadie, she was my mommy and daddy's dog when mommy was pregnant with me. She died before I was born, but I've heard LOTS of stories about her! She was funny and very loving. I wish I had known her!

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