Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swimming and Easter!

Every year when mommy and daddy open our pool, my brother Andrew and I can't wait to jump in! Everyone says we're crazy because it's SOOOOOO cold, but it's fun and now it's a tradition!!

The other page is Easter, I don't know what year, I think maybe 2-3 years ago, have to ask mom and the then me and my brother. I think I was about 3-4 years old there. Have to ask mom!


Karen Wilson said...

Oh, the pool opening!! I can't believe you guys even get in there. It's only about 50*C or so. BRRR!!

I'll have to chk on how old you guys are in those pics. I would say you're right, about 3-4 yrs ago.

Great job Ashleigh!

Saskia said...

Lovely work on your blog! You're so creative!

Saskia :)

Danni said...

So very cute! Wonderful job!