Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Of My Scrapbook Pages!

I love to make cards, but I also love to scrapbook too. Mommy has been scrapbooking for yrs and she's shown me how. For Christmas, I got my own scrapbook kit and punches! I was SO excited! Mommy helped me take some pictures of my layouts, so I'll show them to you over the next few days.
This layour is of me and my baby bunny. Bunzie's about 4 now, but he's so cute! We called him Princess till he got older and daddy said...Ashleigh? Your princess is a prince! Hehehe! He loved to give kisses and still does!
I'm also busy with summer holidays, so mommy has to help me keep up in here! Have fun!


Karen Wilson said...

Very good job, Ashleigh! I love that you enjoy scrapbooking, it's something we can always do together and since the boys don't like it, we can always have our girl time!!

Love Mom!

Aunt Linda said...

Ashleigh;s photo's are awesome. She sure is a nature girl

Aunt Lee Ann said...

so pretty! good job ash!